We are a nonprofit providing aid and medical support to the indigenous Mayan population.

Our Vision

The crisis of poverty has left countless Mayan families with insufficient resources to pay for medical treatment while enduring fatal disease or illness. Overall, the Mayan culture has suffered decades of hardship and has continually received inadequate medical care. In an effort to reduce health disparities, it is our passion to provide medical supplies and aid to the community-run clinics of the Q’anjob’al territory. We believe that through education and advocacy, we can promote proper hygiene and prevent disease.

With your support, it is our goal to impact health, deliver quality care, and improve the lives of Mayan people throughout the country of Guatemala. 


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By providing children with scholarships, we give them the opportunity to attend school and receive quality education that they may not have otherwise had.

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It is our goal to work with the Guatemalan clinics and provide them with medications and medical equipment that will facilitate adequate healthcare for all.



With the help of our current partners and community-driven health clinics, we are able to provide sustainable and culturally appropriate health care. 

Maya Medical Project is a health initiative of Pixan Ixim.


Comunidad Maya Pixan Ixim is an accredited 501(c)(3) non-governmental organization of the Maya Nation dedicated to the cultural enrichment of both the Maya and the wider Omaha Communities. Various programs allow Pixan Ixim to celebrate and showcase the Mayan culture, build confidence in their community, teach their children the Mayan worldview and traditions, as well as promote cross-cultural friendships.

 Maya Medical Project aims to improve medical care and quality of life, with a mission of providing aid and medical support to the indigenous Mayan population of the Akateko, Chuj, Popti, and Q’anjob’al Maya Nation of Guatemala.