With poverty affecting over half the population, many Mayan families do not have access to healthcare. 

Despite significant progress and advancements in health care worldwide, Guatemala is still experiencing numerous health-related problems such as communicable diseases, chronic under nutrition and maternal mortality. With a desperate need for health care in these communities, specifically among children and the elderly, it is our goal to work with our partner Guatemalan clinics and provide resources to maintain long-standing care for the Mayan population. While costly private health care clinics exist among the community, the poverty that plagues this territory prohibits many Mayan families from receiving necessary care.

The Medical Relief Program was established in order to directly serve our partner clinics by providing medications and medical equipment based on their needs. In collaboration with the Clinic Directors, it is our goal to build self-sufficient and fully functional community clinics that are available to all community members despite their ability to pay for care. It is vital that we support the clinic infrastructure and ensure sustainable health care, as the Mayan population does not receive any sort of funding from the national government.

The clinic wish list includes a variety of medications, multivitamins for children and adults, eye drops and solution, along with folic acid and prenatal care. Additional clinic supplies that are needed include sterile gauze, alcohol pads, bandages, pregnancy tests, scrubs, latex gloves, adhesive tape, stethoscopes and oral hygiene products. The clinics also request additional funding for the waiting room development and their ambulatory service.

The Medical Relief Program is operated by the Medical Relief Program Directors, who manage fundraising and conduct a needs-assessment from the Guatemalan clinics.

Clinic Wish List: 

  • Medications: Tylenol, Anti-diarrheal, Prilosec, Hydrocortisone cream, Ibuprofen, Multivitamins for children and adults, Benadryl, TUMS, Eye drops
  • Supplies: Eye glasses, Sun glasses, Gauze, Alcohol pads, Bandages, Band-AIDS, Pregnancy tests, Tongue depressor blades, Scrubs, Latex gloves, Adhesive tape, Stethoscopes, Tooth paste, Tooth brushes, Crutches
  • Additional funding: Waiting Room Development, Ambulatory service