Mayan Community Clinics

Pixan Ixim and Maya Medical Project have partnered with the Akateko, Chug, Popti and Q’anjob’al communities in order to deliver culturally appropriate health care. The two medical clinics Maya Medical Project collaborates with are Clinica Medica Skawil Conob’ in Santa Eulalia and Clinica Medica de la Mujer in San Juan Ixcoy, both in the Northern region of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. These are community-driven health clinics run by volunteers whose goal is to provide sustainable and culturally appropriate health care.

Clinica Medica Skawil Conob' is in Santa Eulalia, Guatemala and serves as a non-government, non-religious, community driven clinic that offers medical care to the entire Q'anjob'al territory.

Clinica Medica de la Mujer is in San Juan Ixcoy, Guatemala and serves as a clinic from women's health and primary family care.


Comunidad Maya Pixan Ixim

Parent organization that collaborates with Maya Medical Project and the Ancestral Mayan Government


Blessings International

Provides medications and medical supplies for medical missions and community medical development


Project CURA Guatemala

Project CURA is a student-run organization that sends medical students on service trips around the world. The Guatemala trip partners with CMPI, MMP and our Partner Clinics to enhance their learning experience.  

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