In Guatemala, 86.6% of indigenous people are living in extreme poverty.

Poverty and inequality are detrimental social problems that need to be addressed. The literacy rate over the age of 15 is just 74%, giving Guatemala one of the lowest literacy rates in the world. This barrier is the product of a broken, failing education system and perpetual cycle of poverty, which prevents many indigenous children from receiving a quality education. Furthermore, poverty among families results in a low graduation rate as students drop out at a young age to help financially support their families.

Maya Medical Project believes the key to breaking the cycle of poverty is through quality education. We aim to offer children the opportunity to attend school and receive quality education that they may not have had otherwise. We have partnered with two very underserved schools in Santa Eulalia and Rio Quisil to provide resources, school supplies and educational funding necessary to ensure all students have the same opportunity for quality education.

The Scholarship Program also serves to provide those who have successfully graduated primary school with scholarship funds toward a nursing assistant, nursing or medical school education in Guatemala City. Students are encouraged to continue to provide health care in their villages upon graduation of their program, which will further improve health care access as well as empower the Mayan population to take leadership within their health care system and provide sustainable health care to all.

Cost of Attendance

  • Nursing Assisting School         $3,175  annual tuition for 1 year
  • Nursing School                        $2,710  annual tuition for 3 years
  • Medical School                        $5,900 annual tuition for 6 years